~SimplyPerfect: Only Not~

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Okay. So... today was.. bad. Brandon really needs an attitude adjustment. definitely.

So in the lunch line he asks me something about if we're doing anything next weekend/the weekend before V-day. And i was like ..'no?' .. thinking he meant this weekend, as in the 5th and 6th. So in the student lounce he was talking to mini-mike and shane and invited them to a X-box Live lan party thing * which i have no problem with * -and he set it for the 12th.. which is the day we had planned for doing something for V-day. So of course i get upset! I mean, why would i not?! I thought he was totally blowing me off. I had a right to be upset. But oblivous to me, in the lunch line he meant the 12th.. Now, in my mind, the weekend before Vday is the 5th and 6th, the 12th and 13th is the weekend OF vday.. but obviously not in his mind. So he got all pissy, and of course i was hurt because i thought he was blowing me off... and it turned into a huge fight.. he wrote me a note that made it sound like he didn't want to be with me anymore.. so i was crying through the entire hour and a half of band. that was cool only not.

I love him so much.. like.. more than anything or anyone.. but i'm seriously sick of him getting mad at me so very often for the stupidest things, and i told him that. ..He promised me about a month ago that he'd stop that.. but that promise is probably not gonna happen anytime soon.... rawr.

So i wouldn't allow him to pull out of the parking lot till we got things settled and everything, so it's all cool now. We're a happy couple once again, lol. We're gonna do something Friday now, so he can do his little party thing saturday. We're gonna go eat dinner at Texas Steak House *my pick* and we're gonna go see 'Boogie Man' *his pick* ..so it should be fun! :)

Welps.. i'm gonna go now.. not that it matters.. i only know 2 people who might actually read this.. lol.. so yeah.. bye!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So... i'm going to use this as one of the few journals i can actually post in and not expect to get bitched at for it. So i'm gonna hope not many people know about this one, and yeah.. coolness.

Tons of ranting will take place in this journal. Because lord knows i need it.